Saturday, February 6, 2010


By Chris Wilson

The Mathews Elementary PTA in Nixa, MO donated several comics to THE HALL OF HEROES fourth grade comic book club through their work with Scholastic. The titles were shipped with our school’s Scholastic Book Fair books and I received them this week.

As you can see from the picture above, the PTA was very supportive of the comic book club’s efforts to enhance reading in our school. Here are some reasons they invested:

  • Kids who were never interested in reading are now reading comics and traditional books.
  • Kids in third grade are already requesting to be in the club next year.
  • Parents of primary aged kids are checking out comics from the club to read over the weekends.
  • Teachers are seeing an increased interest in reading because of the club.
  • Kids are talking about the comics and books they are reading.

Make no mistake about it; comics are influencing the reading habits of the students in my school. It’s just our first year.

Here is a list of the comics that came into the classroom this week, thanks to my school’s PTA:

Amulet Book 2: The Stonekeeper’s Curse (2 copies)
The Baby-Sitter’s Club Vol. 1: Kristy’s Great Idea
Bone Vol. 1: Out from Boneville
Bone Vol. 2: The Great Cow Race
Bone Vol. 3: Eyes of the Storm
Bone Vol. 4: The Dragonslayer
Bone Vol. 5: Rock Jaw
Bone Vol. 6: Old Man’s Cave
Bone Vol. 7: Ghost Circles (2 copies)
Bone Vol. 8: Treasure Hunters (2 copies)
Bone Vol. 9: Crown of Horns (2 copies)
Bone: Rose (2 copies)
Queen Bee (2 copies)

This gives me two complete sets of the BONE series, which will make my students very happy as they have been fighting over the meager volumes I have.

I encourage you to use the research out there (including my master’s seminar paper linked in the sidebar) to support your reasons for receiving funds to purchase comics for your classroom, club or library. I am delighted to speak with you over the phone, Skype, or email to help you in your cause. 

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