Saturday, November 17, 2012


In the last decade, the comics-in-education movement has experienced exponential growth in scholarship, pedagogy and classroom use. Our excitement is only enhanced by the world-wide cultural acceptance of superheroes (the stereotypical American icon for comics) as well as other comics literature. Movies, sitcoms, reality shows, apparel and toys: comics are everywhere. The geek is now chic and with that educators are more open to comics in the classroom as an academically rigorous activity attached to standards.

The Graphic Classroom and Reading With Pictures began talks last year of combining our efforts toward comics literacy and education. It's been an exciting time for us all. RWP has been re-publishing TGC reviews to their website while my staff and I have taken a small hiatus. We have, after all, been publishing weekly for many years and we get tired.

Now, we back at the keyboard and ready to write more reviews for you, our dedicated readers, most of whom are educators or related to the education field. Change your bookmarks. Head to Reading With Pictures and find us over there diligently working to easily give you the tools you need to lead students to a place where they love reading for enjoyment.

We do this for you and them and the world and we do it for free. We love your commitment as ask that follow up at Reading With Pictures where you will find a cornucopia of comics-in-education information.

Chris Wilson