Saturday, February 6, 2010


From the Editor

I am a fan of Greek mythology (traditional and comic adaptations) and I am using that love combined with the PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS movie that debuts next Friday, Feb. 12 to support the efforts in my school’s comic book club.

I am reading PERSEUS: THE HUNT FOR MEDUSA’S HEAD (Lerner Publishing) to the students in the HALL OF HEROES comic book club in preparation for the movie. Many of the students have read or are reading Rick Riordan's excellent PERCY JACKSON novel series and love it. Together, we are learning about the character the popular book series is based upon.

I read a chapter a day stopping often to discuss the plot, the art, the vocabulary and to check for understanding. We talk about the characters and how those character’s play out in the PERCY JACKSON novels.

The culminating event is a trip to the movies. We are out of school Friday, February 12. I am taking my daughter and going to the local multiplex on opening day. Any student or parent who wishes to go may sit with me if they like. It is not, however, a school-sponsored event.

My hope and intent is to spark interest and cultivate social literature sharing among students, building a link to literature of all types and a reason to read.

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