Wednesday, June 6, 2012


While at a conference on comics in education, I ran into Tegan Conner, a youth librarian, who was an avid fan of comic literature who attended one of my sessions. Lucky for us, she joined TGC team of writers and lovers of reading. 

Conner has been in public libraries since she can remember. She started out as a library patron until her first library job at age 16 as a circulation clerk. Since then, she picked up her Bachelors in Library Science (K-12) and then a Masters in Library and Information Science, where she studied youth services. She is currently the Youth Services Librarian at Wissahickon Valley Public Library outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Her interest in graphic novels started with a Disney book that she didn’t realize was a graphic novel. She enjoyed the art work and the format, but as time moved on, she turned to books. She was reintroduced to comics and graphic novels in her teens thanks to anime, which lead her to manga, then to comics (mainly DC) and graphic novels in general. 

When it comes to graphic novels, her primary focus is graphic novels in the library. Other interests include social networking and the library, video games, crafts, and generally being a nerd or geek. With her blog, ReadsRantsRaves, she mainly reviews graphic novels for librarians.

Welcome aboard, Tegan. We are glad to have you. Remember, kids. Comics are not just for boys. That's an old stereotype that is grossly misguided. 

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