Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A friend of mine from the Springfield, MO area left a comment, asking about books for Pre-K kids. Picture books make up the bulk of the Pre-K reading library, but a strong argument could be made that picture books are nothing more than emerging or early forms of comics.

With that said, there are some books out there – and some books coming out soon – that cater to the very young, say Kindergarten to third grade readers. However, I would not hesitate to try them out on some Pre-K kids and see how they respond. Thanks for asking. If you have questions for me, please send me an email at abikerbard at mac dot com or leave a comment.

Here is a taste of some comic literature for young readers:

This is a wordless comic that can be enjoyed by more than the very young. It is black and white, uses traditional comic frames, but the story is told through the actions and emotions of the characters. No need for any words besides the occasional onomatopoeia.

Toon Books
This publisher offers new titles to the market that start coming out in April. These sport more words, but not too many. This is made for the emerging reader.

Robot Dreams
This is another wordless comic. My second grader loved it and breezed through it, so I think it could be great for younger kids. It is a graphic novel and is probably too long for most Pre-K kids, but it is wonderful.

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