Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A reader sent us an email this week. His email was reprinted with permission.

Where can I buy some of the comics you write about? I have a 7 year-old nephew who is so hyper he's on drugs twice a day. He is really bright but his mom (my sister) has a reading disability and I'd love to start leveraging some of your expertise to get the two of them some good reading material. His birthday is next week.

Uncle O

Dear Uncle O,

I’d be glad to help you out. Your nephew is not alone. Many children struggle to read. This can be very true for children who are “hyper” or possibly have ADHD. Comics can be a great way to help those young children develop good reading habits before their struggles turn into a disgust for reading.

You can buy comics and graphic novels from various places. We recommend that you find a local comic book store and develop a relationship with the staff members who are responsible for comic ordering. Comic book stores sell more than comics and not all staff members may be well versed in them. You may have to shop around until you find the right comic book store for you, one that will remember your needs and make frequent recommendations.

In my case, I am very reliant on my comic book guy. He makes recommendations for me (and his others customers) all the time. He knows our reading habits and helps us pick the right titles. He makes my comic buying experience great.

Diamond Comic Distributor’s offers a Comic Shop Locator service. However, the only comic shops listed are ones who pay an advertising fee. So there may very well be other shops in your area. My shop is one of the best but is not listed on the site.

You can also purchase comics and graphic novels from bricks-and-mortar and online bookstores. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Borders all carry comic literature. Some have a section for graphic novels. Some have special graphic novel sections within the children’s literature section as well. Typically, the traditional, pamphlet-style comics are located, not near the graphic novels, but near the magazines and newspapers.

Uncle O asked for recommendations for his 7-year-old nephew. Following are a few titles that came to mind for young kids. Some of the titles have been reviewed by The Graphic Classroom, but others have not. Use your own judgment. Be sure to check back with us and let us know how it went.

  1. The Batman Strikes
  2. Franklin Richards: Boy Genious
  3. Lions, Tigers and Bears
  4. Marvel Adventures (any titles)
  5. Patrick the Wolf Boy
  6. Robot Dreams
  7. Tiny Titans (new title)
  8. Tiny Tyrant

We appreciate questions, comments and feedback from our readers. Please feel free to contact us. If you give your permission, we will also publish your questions or comments so that other readers can benefit as well. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

These will all appeal to a 7-year-old boy:
A Little Bit Haywire by Courtney Huddleston (Viper)
G-Man by Chris Giarrusso
any of the new Power Pack series from Marvel
Gus Beezer (from Marvel a few years ago)
Justice League Adventures (DC)
Teen Titans Go! (DC)
the Scholastic Graphix Goosebumps series (if he likes scary stuff
Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures
probably Mail Order Ninja (Tokyopop)

Anonymous said...

Right on, Tracy! Those are great suggestions. I have ordered Power Pack but haven't seen them yet. I just love Mail Order Ninja. It is one of my favorites. Manga is very popular with kids.

Thanks for responding. I was sure to email your thoughts directly to Uncle O so he can jump on that. Such great stuff for kids.