Sunday, July 13, 2008


Another writer has donned the cape of educational comic book reviews much to the delight of the editorial staff. Here's a hint of what Michael is all about, in his own words:

I am recently moved from Kalamazoo, Michigan (where I was an assistant curator to the university's archives) to Lake Butler, Florida – a serious culture shock! – to take post at the Bradford County Public Library where, among other things, I am overseeing the community's teen programs and integrating graphic novels, current-issue comics, and video games into our collection. For gas-money I am a freelance editor and tutor-in-English to middle- through high-school students and those from the local community college. I also have a temporary teacher's certificate that is collecting dust!

This week I ordered $300 worth of material for the graphic novel collection, and I am in the process of working a deal with the nearest comic book shop for current issue comic donations in return for organizing a Magic: the Gathering tournament every couple of weeks. The feedback from the teens (and a surprising amount of adults) has been outstanding.

I am a writer and a gardener, a life-time member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, a fan of the Detroit Lions and Dog Fish Pale Ale; I want my PhD in Victorian Literature, a new car, a grant to do away with student debt, and to be three inches taller.

I maintain a semi-regular reading and writing blog called Daybookery where I try to address obstacles in writing fiction – but I tend to digress.

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