Friday, July 25, 2008

DefCon 7 Approaches

We are excited to present at DefCon 7, Oklahoma’s largest entertainment expo. From today till next week we will be working on our presentation in hopes to really help creators and publishers engage the educational market. There is money, a lot of money, to be made. We’ve written before about the issues we are considering.

DefCon 7
August 1-3

Tulsa Convention Center

Tulsa, OK

Open 24 Hours

70,000 square feet of con craziness

The con purports to be more than just comics and that is fine with us as we are taking our daughter, nieces, nephew, cousin, cousin’s girlfriend, cousin’s friend, and a few of our adult buddies to the event. In fact, the youngin’s are going to dress up in costume and also participate with me in the presentation.

Yes, yes. There were be photos a plenty. If you are going, please look us up. We will be the big, bald guy with a herd of kids and teens with him. You will be able to spot us with our Superman T-shirt on. Like there won’t be plenty of those.

  • Vendors
  • 2 Anime Rooms
  • 2 Movie Rooms
  • Live Bands
  • Dance/Rave/Karaoke
  • Art Classes and Portfolio Reviews
  • Art Contest
  • Charity Auctions
  • Video Games
  • Card Games
  • RPGs
  • Bishi Auction
  • Costume Contest
  • Ms. Sci-Fi Contest
  • Casino Night
  • Live Action Cosplay Chess
  • Various Contests
  • Autographs
  • Panel Discussion
Just so happens that this is the weekend my sister, who lives in Tulsa, takes her oldest daughter to college. The house will be filled with two van loads of people. It should be some kind of crazy fun.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck. I look forward to your blog reports.