Tuesday, April 1, 2008


After finishing their MAP test (Missouri’s standardized exam), the fifth grade students were given about 20 minutes for a brain breather and allowed to socialize with their friends. I scanned the room and saw boys and girls chit chatting, laughing and milling about. I looked down at the paperwork I had and when I looked back up, I had a knot of students surrounding me.

They wanted to know if I brought them comic books.

As part of my certification and graduate degree, I am completing a practicum in a fifth grade classroom. I had been out of the classroom for two weeks: one week for their Spring break and one week for mine. As soon as I get back I notice that there are comics, mostly manga, all over the room. My cooperating teacher informs me that the kids have been checking out manga from the library (school and county).

Children surrounded me, each with his or her own comic request:
When my supervisor from the university dropped by, the classroom teacher informed her that I had to do at least one lesson using comics. It was apparent to the classroom teacher that the kids are interested and excited.

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