Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Middle school and high school literature teachers have a real opportunity ahead of them. There are lots of good titles being offered on Free Comic Book Day, but there is one in particular that these teachers must get their hands on: GRAPHIC CLASSICS – FCBD SPECIAL EDITION. Stories included in this special edition are:

  • Edgar Allen Poe’s The Black Cat
  • Ambrose Bierce’s Diagnosis
  • Arthur Conan Doyle’s John Barrington Cowles
  • Mary Shelley’s The Dream
  • Lord Dunsany’s A Narrow Escape

Editor Tom Pomplun sent me an advance copy and his book hits the mark. It is a wonderful representation of the others in the series. The art of The Black Cat, in particular, was outstanding – spooky and outstanding. As always, Pomplun uses different artists for different pieces, giving the entire book an eclectic feel. We like that. We have reviewed MARK TWAIN and BRAM STOKER, both from the same series, and they are top notch.

This month, Pomplun put out another book in the series titled FANTASY CLASSICS, which includes such writers as Mary Shelley, Nathaniel Hawthorne, L. Frank Baum, H.P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany and Clark Ashton Smith.

Go early to your comic books stores and grab up a copy for your middle school or high school classroom. Be warned: if you get this special edition, you will surely want more for your classroom and your students. That’s a great thing, isn’t it?

You can read a good interview with Tom over at Comics in the Classroom.

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