Friday, June 27, 2008


Comic movies on the brain? Consider the Indiana Jones Adventures series from Dark Horse. We received volume one this week and it looks good. New girl, new story and lots of action. This version is meant for all ages, although Dark Horse also has an Indy title for the older audience.

In other comic offerings, we received two other titles of real interest to high school (and older) aged readers. The first is a set of Shakespeare comics from Classical Comics. Take note: these are significant to the literati. Classical Comics sent me three different volumes of Macbeth. Yes, three.

  1. The first volume is the full and unabridged play in graphic novel format. This is the whole enchilada, the full monty, the kit and the caboodle. Nothing changed.
  2. The second volume is the complete play translated into plain English.
  3. Volume three is the full story, but with less dialogue. This is the most English accessible translation.

Each volume has a different cover and details the version. This has real implications for the high school literature class, where different reading levels and abilities can be considered and accommodated. By the way, the art is exactly the same in all three versions.

Also of note is the graphic adaptation of the children’s book, Coraline, Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel. Hardbound and well-regarded, this looks promising.

Enough of the intro. Here is the list of all the books that came in this week:

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