Saturday, May 24, 2008


Comics are in the news again this week. This time my local newspaper, The Springfield News-Leader did a feature on The Manga Bible and a few of us who have been involved with studying it.

As you may recall, I am working on a series of articles and reviews on making religious texts available in the classroom, with support from the ACLU, by the way. Of course this includes as many religions as I can find (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, etc.). The paper picked up on this somehow and wanted to write a story about it.

The story will only be accessible for a week, so read it quick.

UPDATE: If you know of any titles that I should consider, please let me know. This would also include any graphic novels that might address non-faith or non-religious views as well. I'm not interested in anything too didactic or trite. You can email me (Chris Wilson) at


Ben Villarreal said...
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Ben Villarreal said...

This blog belongs to an elementary school art and Sunday school teacher who using comics in both classes. And he even draws his own for certain lessons on occasion.