Wednesday, June 6, 2012


From the Editor

The Graphic Classroom began in 2006 in preparation for my Masters degree in Elementary Education. Since then, we have amassed a group of staff writers who are staff in the devoted, unpaid, volunteer staff that only love can keep going. 

I am a very luck editor –– and you a lucky reader –– in that we are surrounded by teachers and librarians whose passion for reading and learning exceeds their need for rest. They read and review comics because they know how comic literature changes the reading habits and lives of students. They understand the power contained and give their private, off the clock time to help students around the world. Following are the staff writers of TGC (in alphabetical order):

  • Tegan Conner
  • Catharina Evans
  • Kevin Hodgson (our longest-writing reviewer)
  • Ellen Ma
  • Adrian Neibauer

As summer break peeks over the horizon, I want to take time to thank everyone that gives their time and energy to The Graphic Classroom. This includes staff writers (present and former), contributing writers, TGC operatives who give us heads up, publishers who send us books to read, and the families of those who spend time with TGC. 

I thank you all.

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Kevin Hodgson said...

Thanks, Chris.
I feel very lengthy today!