Tuesday, March 27, 2012


By Noah
Student Reviewer
Age 10, Grade 4
Nixa, MO

Great book! It starts out when a kid and his father move to a new house, a telescope lab. Someone surprisingly was sneaking in the house, kind of like AMULET vol. 1. His father then sent him to bed because he had his first school day in his new school. Then, the next day he got on the wrong bus. Unfortunately that bus was for a school in outerspace not his school. Then he meets a friend named Gort. The kid, Bud, told Gort he was an earthling. Earthlings were enemies to other species, but Gort liked him.

When he gets to the school he acts like a Temarian exchange student. But when gym class starts, they play zeroball, a form of basketball.

The whole time Gort and Bud try to find Earth signals. Will he ever come back? Read it, then you tell me.

I think EARTHLING needs a table of contents and chapter titles, but other than that, amazing sci-fi book!

Highly recommended for grades 3 and up.

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Kevin Hodgson said...

What a great review, Noah. I have not seen this book but the cover really had me interested. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.