Monday, January 17, 2011


By Chris Wilson

"As an author of interactive books to help young people find their writers' voices, I often am asked by educators and parents for help in reaching reluctant writers," said Bill Zimmerman creator of Make Beliefs Comix and YOUR LIFE IN COMICS.

In addition to his book recently reviewed at TGC, Zimmerman also runs 4-year-old Make Beliefs Comics, a create-your-own-comic website to help students find their writer's voice. 

  • Make believe you possessed a magic flying carpet. Where would your travels take you?
  • Make believe you had a net to catch a favorite moment in your life. Which would it be?
  • Imagine you could talk to your favorite book character. Who would that be? What would you say?
  • Make believe that with the snap of your fingers you could change yourself. How or what would you become?

Zimmerman offers blank comic panels for students to interactively create their own comics. Dialogue bubbles, narration bubbles, 20 different characters, multiple character expressions, and settings, everything is there for students to create and explore. Students can also write in seven languages.

In addition to his online comic creator, Zimmerman just released over 100 free printables for teachers to use with students. These include pages from his recent book YOUR LIFE IN COMICS and other books he's published. 

The prompts are good. The download process is easy. Kids will enjoy it. There are plenty of ideas to choose from. Zimmerman's site is outstanding and helps students cultivate their writer's voice and an overall interest in writing. 

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