Saturday, July 24, 2010


From the Editor

San Diego Comi-Con is the big news these days. Someday, I will make a pilgrimage to the World Series of comics and see it for myself. Like Bucky, I'd like to go to the American Library Association convention as well. That group promotes comics like nobody's business. We like them a lot. 

The Will Eisner Awards were announced during San Diego Comic-Con.  That is always a lot of fun to see. Good place to look for outstanding comics. 

The state university in my locale, Missouri State University, announced a class in comics for the summer. More and more universities are looking toward comics as for serious academic scholarship and the classes fill up. Imagine, students begging for academic scholarship. We need to support such things.

Dr. Carter pointed me this Canadian study regarding comics and boys and literacy. Boys are falling behind significantly in reading. It is my contention that comics may very well be the key to changing such trends. 

I've said it before: We teachers often educate the love of reading right out of kids. This study shows just that. For some reason teachers are reluctant to allow boys access to the genres and formats they want to read. So boys just quit reading.

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