Wednesday, June 30, 2010


There is a new Wonder Woman in town and she is out to discover who destroyed Paradise Island and why, hopefully stop them, and see if she can correct it all. Unlike other incarnations of the Amazonian, this woman has a costume more fitting a fighter and less a sexual icon. Her boobs won't fall out and her heels are militarized. She even has pockets to store items!

Check this out: Her gauntlets are modern with a raised cursive W inscribed on the back. When you tangle with Wonder Woman, she leaves quite the impression. Sweet!

Look at the "W" on this victim's forehead! 
This is a woman who stands as a model for girls everywhere: 
tough and beautiful, but not over-sexualized.

J. Michael Straczynski (writer) and Don Kramer and Michael Babinski (artists) are rebooting WW with a new origin thanks to time travel, but it's an origin that may not be irreversible. It all starts with issue #600 on stands today. If you did not order yours – and subscribe – then there's still time to call your local comic book shop and order. I missed it, but my comic guy says he can get her for me. I have already put in my subscription. 

You can read all about the changes, the conception, and the costume change at DC's The Source (from which all the above info was pulled). I recommend the read. It sounds very exciting.

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