Saturday, April 10, 2010


From the Editor,

I could not help myself. A week ago today, the Apple iPad was released. Late in the afternoon, I went to my local independent Apple dealer to try one out. By the end of the day I had purchased my own. 

The first thing I did was download several comic apps and comics (some free and some I paid for). I have read a few comics (old and new) to try the thing out. I'll publish a comprehensive review later. I will say I love the device for comic reading.

In other news, my earthquakes unit for grades 3-4 is coming to a close. The students are creating their glogs (Glogster Edu version) and answering at least three questions about earthquakes. It's all very exciting and began with a ... comic. 

So what came in this week? Let's see:

  1. Amelia Rules! When the Past is a Present
  2. Black Widow and the Marvel Girls TPB
  3. The Lone Ranger #21
  4. Olympians: Athena–Grey-Eyed Goddess
  5. Red Robin #11  
  6. Thor and the Warriors Four #1 (of 4) 

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