Saturday, April 3, 2010


I couldn't help it. I had to rip down to the local independent Mac dealer and test drive the iPad. The store's entire shipment has been spoken for as has the incoming shipment. I haven't ordered one yet, but I am excited to experience comics on the device. 

I went to App store with the iPad and searched for comics specifically designed for the iPad platform. Here's what I found:

Comic Reader Mobi
iVerse Comics
Marvel Comics
SketchBook Mobile

Considering that Toon Books just came out with an iPhone app, it won't be long until our children are reading their first comics on the iPad. I am envisioning all kinds of educational impacts of this device in the classroom (and personally). Considering one can blog, facebook, glog, read, surf, shop, type documents, presentations and spreadsheets – all on a device that is fast, light and easy to hold and carry – I can't help but think it will change the way John Q. Public will consume (and even produce).

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