Sunday, March 7, 2010


The Graphic Classroom just supported Reading With Pictures' all-ages anthology fundraiser. We have committed to purchase a hardcover edition of the anthology. I am also including a RWF widget in the sidebar.

Here are things that your donation will pay for:

  • Partnering with Northwestern University and other academic institutions to oversee the largest and most comprehensive research study in US history on the role of comics in education. 
  • Building a searchable, interactive database of research papers, lesson plans and comic-centric curriculum. 
  • Providing educational consultation services to schools and publishers. 
  • Working with cartoonists to produce top-quality educational comics.
  • Helping universities design courses in the burgeoning field of Comics Studies.
  • Creating a Speaker's Bureau to get cartoonists into schools and libraries. 
  • Aggregating graphic novel reviews from various accredited sources and generating recommended reading lists for every age and subject matter.
This is exactly the kind of movement we need in the comics-education field. Both on the front side of making it easy for teachers to make the case for comics to administrators and on the back side by providing lesson plans and support to teachers.

To learn more, go to RWF site at


Josh Elder said...

Thanks so much, Chris!

Your work is a huge inspiration to us at Reading With Pictures and we appreciate your support!

Unknown said...

there' always something about the visuals..people prefer something that they can this fast paced world where people are starting to automate crystal, automate some operations in the sense, people are more convinced on what they see