Saturday, January 23, 2010


By Chris Wilson

Last week I told you that I was working on an earthquakes lesson plan inspired by the real life tragedy in Haiti. Third and fourth graders didn't quite finish their poetry this week so I am giving them another day (as I have 5 sections each of grades K-5, one week in the regular elementary classroom is only one day for me). This week they shall publish, period. That's good because I am not ready for the earthquakes lesson anyway.

I have a surprise for you, especially for those who are considering their own earthquakes lesson: I found another comic to use called THE GREAT SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE AND FIRE. This one is a social studies comic and is published by Capstone just like THE EARTH-SHAKING FACTS ABOUT EARTHQUAKES WITH MAX AXIOM SUPER SCIENTIST discussed earlier. Both came in this week. 

Stay tuned kids. I have not forgotten this lesson. I'll publish it as soon as I can complete with web resources, links to videos, and anything else I can fit in. I'm really jazzed about the lesson, but overwhelmed with the time frame that I have to develop a rich, technology-infused lesson. Makes me shake in my boots.

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