Thursday, January 7, 2010


From the Editor

I'm sitting at my computer with my sugar free hot cocoa watching the snow come down. The news stated it is colder here in Missouri than it is in Alaska. School is canceled, I suspect, more from the dangerous cold than the snow. The meterologists are forecasting anywhere between -10 to -20 degree wind chill factors.

I've cooked vegetable-beef soup and chili, watched CLOUDY WITH A CHANGE FOR MEATBALLS with my daughter, and am planning on some comic reading and reviewing today. (We might game some, too.) I thought I should get some work done today, so the posts for this week came early.

Following are the books that came in this week:

The Ronald Reagan comic made me think of other nonfiction comics.  Incidentally, we are planning on reviewing some titles for Black History Month (February) featuring prominent African Americans. So keep a look-out for those. I've listed a few titles we are considering in case you want to purchase them now.

I know there are comics on Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandella and other leaders in the Black community.

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