Monday, December 28, 2009


The HALL OF HEROES comic book club, of which I am a co-sponsor, made headlines recently when the students connected their comic literature to their eal lives. That part was our idea. The kids decided how they would act as super heroes in their community:

Create their own comics and give them away to families
Donate toys, clothes, food and other goods to families

For several weeks the kids collected the goods and worked on their homemade comics. Some worked in groups while others worked individually. When they were done we collected, copied and stapled the first issue. A week later we created issue #2.

The fourth graders were given special permission to dress up as their own super heroes the day the donations were given to the school for distribution. We had a great time with it. Yes, I dressed up as well. 

A local newspaper and radio station covered the event. You can follow those links here:

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Unknown said...

What a great project and media coverage. Congratulations to you and the kids.