Monday, December 28, 2009


Our holiday contest is over and the winners chosen. Each of the four individuals below will receive a complimentary copy of Scholastic’s new comic-infused prose novel, MALICE, by Chris Wooding (author) and Dan Chernett (illustrator).

As promised, the winners’ entries proclaiming their favorite comic or comic-related movie are also published for your enjoyment.

Diane from Minnesota

My favorite comic related movie is, without a doubt, UNBREAKABLE. This movie summarizes all the superhero tropes in one film, is reminiscent of Philip Wylie's GLADIATOR and the pre-code SUPERMAN stories, has a classic villain, and is a delight to watch. It stands up to repeated screenings.

The framing of certain sequences, especially the color-coded scenes near the end at the train station, echo compositions of Steranko. I had a student storyboard the Silver Gun With a Black Grip scene, and the result was the most successful comic narrative I've seen in storyboard form. Simply put, the film looks and feels like a smart, heartfelt comic.

More importantly, the film does not demean comics as an art form. Unfortunately, the camp aspect of superheroes still dominates Hollywood's dialogue with comics, and it's refreshing to see a more respectful conversation taking place between my two favorite at forms.

UNBREAKABLE is as exciting and intelligent as SANDMAN, STARMAN or EX MACHINA. Please take a moment to view my burgeoning blog of student work, The Art of Learning of Art.

Scott from Maryland

My favorite graphic novel is NAUSICCA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND. I own the original 4-volume collection, the re-release in 7 larger-image and original right-to-left format volumes, as well as the watercolor art book. I truly believe this is Hayao Miyazaki’s greatest work.

The main character is a passionate, unwavering woman who gives herself completely to the task of seeking the heart of what most of humanity regards as a corrupted forest that exhales poisonous miasma and threatens to consume what’s left of the planet, all while striving to make peace between two great nations at war. She fights ferociously to preserve life of all kinds, majestically rides the wind, and befriends fantastic creatures, including the giant insects of the forest.

From clunky bumblecrows to the valley’s swift gunship, airships fill the sky in gritty dogfights and across wonderful landscapes. Miyazaki’s style is unique and compelling; the pages are dense with action, detail, and dialogue, but at the same time orderly and easy to follow. Entering his imagination may seem daunting at first, but if you can immerse yourself in his world, you too will feel that tugging wanderlust and longing for other-worldly adventure.

James from North Carolina

BONE is my favorite comic or graphic novel. It starts off light and picks up with a great storyline. The topics you can cover in a classroom are endless. I am saving up to buy the color version now.

Gretchen from Pennsylvania
My personal favorite graphic novel is CASTLE WAITING. The combination of classic fairy tale characters with a twist and the extraordinary art work make it a winner in my book, and like any great literature, it appeals to people of different ages at different levels, so it is enjoyable for all.

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