Saturday, November 21, 2009


From the Editor

It is almost December and it is time to think about how to be a hero in our community. I am thinking about THE HALL OF HEROES comic book club and I wonder what we can do to connect our comic literature to our real lives. Super heroes answer the call of service when those in need cry out and so I want our club to think up ways we can be heroes in our community of Nixa, MO. What can we do to help others? What does our community need that we could provide?

December is the perfect month to think about service learning and giving to others. I see it as a teaching moment, one where we connect the stories we read about in our comics and connect those stories to the world around us. There are students in our district who are homeless. There are students in our district, many in fact, who will go without Christmas this year. A number of them are going without food. It is a tough economic time and what we see is being observed throughout the country.

I want these super heroes to consider those around them and come up with ideas on what they could do to benefit our little town and those who live in it. Consider it a Call to Service, one which I hope my super heroes will answer as best they can.

I envision a toy-food-coat drive where students bring in a wrapped present for a boy or girl, canned goods, boxed goods, clean coats, and blankets. We could then dress up as a super hero o(f our own making – something the students are already working on) and then present our donations to the school to be given to those students who need food or who will otherwise go without Christmas this year. We will alert the local media about how a reading club is taking the study of literature to new heights.

As we continue through this process, I will keep you posted on our goings-on. Until then, check out the comics that made their way into The Classroom this week and enjoy the reviews:

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