Monday, August 31, 2009


The news is out. Marvel Comics has been purchased by Disney for $4 billion. You can read more at Publisher's Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, and The New York Times. It is unclear how this will all play out although NYT has some interesting speculation about the integration of Marvel characters into Disney's theme parks and television station.

Most important to readers and comic lovers is the extent to which the quality of the stories in the Marvel Universe will be affected. The news is entirely too new to even speculate.

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rostispumante said...

Mr. Wilson,

On saw this article about famous people who have taught and thought this guy never ceases to amaze me as to what he did or will do:

Take care, Ryan Rost

Gene Simmons: The tongue-flicking bassist of Kiss taught sixth grade in Harlem before he became the world's most famous bass-playing demon.

Simmons later revealed in interviews that his superiors canned him for replacing the works of Shakespeare with Spiderman comics, which he thought the students were more likely to actually read.