Wednesday, July 29, 2009


By Tracy Edmunds
Staff Writer

Helping students connect mathematics to their everyday lives is a challenge most math teachers face. MANGA MATH MYSTERIES, just announced by Lerner Publishing, aims to engage students with manga stories while teaching mathematics fundamentals.

Here is a description from the Lerner Publishing website:

In each book, a group of friends from a martial arts school uses visual clues and mathematics to solve a mystery. The stories illustrate problem-solving thought processes and reinforce math concepts taught in third and fourth grade. Written by a math educator and illustrated by talented manga artists, these mysteries will increase readers' understanding of how math can be applied in real-world situations.

Written by math teacher Melinda Thielbar and drawn by artists Tintin Pantoja, Yuko Ota, and Der-shing Helmer, each of the four titles addresses a different mathematics strand:
  • THE LOST KEY – whole numbers
  • THE HUNDRED-DOLLAR ROBBER – currency values
  • THE SECRET GHOST – distance and measurement
  • THE KUNG FU PUZZLE – time and temperature
MANGA MATH MYSTERIES carry a grade 3 reading level and an interest level of grades 3-5. Look for a full review at The Graphic Classroom soon!

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Phew, This is the first time I saw a comic plot that tackles math. I thinks it's kind of cool and educational as well.