Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am surviving the summer on scant savings. After three and a half years of full time studentship at the university (read that as a fancy word for unemployed) the bank account is nearly depleted. I do not get paid until the end of August, so I am taking a hiatus from purchasing any comics the rest of the summer. Don't expect to see too many books listed in my IN THE CLASSROOM THIS WEEK section for a while. Fret not for we shall continue to publish our reviews. We don't get paid for this gig.


Mrs. McGrew said...

What about reviewing those at your local public library??

Mr. Wilson said...

Great question, Mrs. McGrew. Public libraries have gotten on board with comics (before education) and lots of great comic lit can be found there.

Personally, I have plenty of comics on my shelf to review. So I am good. There will be a steady stream of comic reviews despite my personal finances.

Woo Hoo!