Thursday, June 4, 2009


From the Editor

What a great week it’s been. The daughter is out of school and I’ve been working in my new classroom a bit (but not too much). And yes, it is full of comic-related material. It is geek chic if you ask me, and the kids will love it. I’m even moving in my still-boxed Super Girl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman Barbie dolls into the room. I am very sensitive about connecting my comics (and other items of nerddom) with girls as well as boys.

I am an enrichment teacher – the Technology Lab instructor. As such, I am able to connect my love of comics and sci-fi with technology. I am also starting my school’s first ever Hall of Heroes comic book club. We will meet before school once a week and read comic literature and support one another’s reading habits. There will be sharing, too – a rich environment where students share the stories they are reading and discuss them with each other and with me. I can just imagine the connections and the excitement.

It is all so exciting and overwhelming, but I am looking forward to it. Enjoy the links to the comics that came into the Classroom this week:

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