Thursday, April 9, 2009


From the Editor

This was a challenging week for me as a student teacher. I worked with a classroom of students who have very challenging behaviors. On top of that the school began standardized testing which meant every grade’s schedule was completely different. I learned a lot about students and behaviors.

I also had students begging to read comics with me. This included struggling and advanced readers, which I found very exciting. The younglings were anxious to read, share, discuss, laugh and connect with an adult.

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Tracy (Comic Mom) said...

Take heart - that is the toughest challenge for every teacher. I still struggle with it and I've been at this for over 20 years! Keep trying...different approaches work with different kids. I'd use comics as a reward for sure!

Danielle M. said...

When I was student teaching, both of my placements were with students who were too young for the standardized tests. When I did my long-term subbing last year, it was the same story. So next week will be my first experience with state testing... and I have to interpret the entirety of the math and language tests into American Sign Language for one of my students. Oi. I only have 4 students, but they have the needs of a group of 25... we'll see how behavior goes with all this testing going on.

By the way: I love your website, and it has been a great resource for me as I prepare for next year's class of reluctant, deaf and hard-of-hearing readers. It's the perfect text for them--so visual! Thanks for doing what you do!