Friday, March 13, 2009


From the Editor

Next week I begin a four-week rotation. In my program, we student teach in one room for 12 weeks, then spend the next four weeks rotating to different grades. I will spend next week in a fifth grade classroom. After that, I have no idea, but I have been told that I will eventually rotate into a kindergarten classroom. Quite a change, eh? Once I finish my rotation, I move back into my homeroom and then I take over the classroom for the remaining three weeks.

I will tell you that my homeroom kids were sorely disappointed to see me go especially when I told them the comics were coming with me. I actually had some kids hide books. I love it. When students are upset about losing their books, then we know we have hit upon something special.

Today I offer a list of books that came into the Classroom this week. Click and investigate.

  1. Ali Baby: Fooling the Forty Thieves
  2. G.I. Joe #3
  3. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Official Movie Prequel) #1
  4. Guan Yu: Blood Brothers to the End
  5. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #49
  6. Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #9
  7. Perseus: The Hunt for Medusa’s Head
  8. The Stand: American Nightmares #1 (of 5)
  9. Sunjata: Warrior King of Mali
  10. Tristan & Isolde: The Warrior and the Princess
  11. Twisted Journeys #9: Agent Mongoose & the Hypno-Beam Scheme
  12. Twisted Journeys #10: The Goblin King
  13. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #4 (of 6)


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Chris.

What is the Wizard of Oz comics all about? I had not seen them. A number of years ago, my older son and I read through almost the entire series of the Oz collection (uneven writing, to be frank).
Are the comics aligned with the novels?

admin said...

Great question, Kevin.

The Wizard of Oz is part of the Marvel Illustrated line of book adaptations, complete with silver slippers.

It is written by Oz historian Eric Shanower.

The money quote: "Probably the one thing I'm most concerned about is making sure the story works as comics. While transferring it from one medium to another, I need to make sure I stay true to the source material while making sure it flows well as a comic."

Click here to read more about it.

Ben Villarreal said...

It's actually a pretty good comic! I love the art! But I haven't had a chance to read the latest issue. My only complaint is that the story seems very rushed, but then, I never read the books as a kid. Is that how the stories read: very fast-paced?

Unknown said...

As a junior high teacher who is also working with comics in the classroom (we just finished Jeff Smith's "Bone" as a seventh grade -- how awesome!), I'm curious; just how are you able to supply the classroom with this many books? Have you written a grant, or does the school fund this venture?

Keep up the great work! Really impressive!

admin said...


Not everything that makes its way into The Graphic Classroom actually gets to my students, just so you know.

I purchase some and some are given to me and my staff.