Friday, March 27, 2009


Another online comic-creation site has popped up. Pixton allows creators to design every aspect of a charcter. The site requires a sign-in to design free comics. It also gives unfettered access to others' comics, which may make teachers nervous.

Good news. There is also a private, virtual classroom for schools, although that costs money. The Pixton school site is both SMART and Promethean accredited, which will really appeal to technology-based classrooms that use an interactive white board.

It is just one more way to infuse curriculum and technology into the classroom. The Pixton school site is now linked in the sidebar.


BiblioTech said...

I have been having my students create comic/graphic novels by using templates that I have set up in Power Point. They can either use, clip art, photos (properly cited of course) or their own scanned drawings to illustrate their graphic reports.

I love that this will give them a more comfortable way to draw images for their comics.

I have use MakeBeliefs comics for a couple of years with my lower school classes when we study graphic novels in the library

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about Pixton!

We're adding new and innovative features all the time and always welcome feedback - feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions.

Best wishes,

Clive Goodinson
Creator of Pixton - Interactive Web Comics

Anonymous said...

To Pixton, If we do use your resources, how to we cite it?