Friday, December 19, 2008


Staff Writer Michael Schofield and I are Making the Case for Comics at Fordham University's Graphica in Education Conference in New York this January. We are very excited. He's coming from Florida and I from Missouri.

It's my first time in New York so it will be a real experience. Michael has been there before and he promises to show me around and help me out. We hope to bring back excellent information to share with our readers. The movement is growing my friends. Universities, libraries, public schools, parents, teachers and administrators are hearing the soft mumblings of comic literature bubbling in the educational field. People are taking notice and changes will come. They may be slow, but they will come.

We will continue to keep you on the cutting edge of comic literature in the classroom, so that you can bring literature to your 21st century scholars.


Anonymous said...

This is so cool. I wish I could join you and who knows? That weekend might suddenly become free and I am not all that far from NYC (in Massachusetts).
I'm glad you guys are going and hopefully, sharing your workshop/presentation with the rest of us.

admin said...

We hope things change so you can join us. That would be fun.