Friday, October 10, 2008


I mentioned the presidential comics from IDW Publishers that came into the classroom this week in my mostly-weekly list. The staff and I are talking about these comics and making some plans for next month. So keep in touch. But before the election hits, you should seriously consider these comics as part of your classroom.

I haven't read them yet (and I am making no official age or appropriateness recommendation), but I think it is important that we give students authentic literature when we study democracy and the electoral process. You do not need me to tell you that no election in recent history has been as important as this one.

A "Who I Would Vote for (If I Could Vote)" essay could be very interesting and gradable, assuming there is a well-crated rubric to outline the qualities of a good essay versus a poor one. As I've said before, mock elections and the comparison of that classroom data to local, state and national data could make for an interesting, engaging and curriculum-based lesson or unit.

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