Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The folks at Lerner Publishing sent us a stack of myth and fables from across the lands: Greek, African, Aztec, Korean, Swiss, and English. Also from Lerner are two books (Twisted Journeys) that are part comic, part prose, all scary, and all choose-your-own-adventure. We’ve reviewed another such book here. Library reinforced bindings, lexile ratings, and interesting topics make for fun reading for kids and early teens.

That’s not all. We have all kinds of good stuff, fun stuff, cool stuff, bloody stuff, stuff for different ages and maturity levels. Check it all out and enjoy.

Graphic Universe Series:
  1. Arthur & Lancelot: The Fight for Camelot
  2. Marwe: Into the Land of the Dead
  3. Odysseus: Escaping Poseidon’s Curse
  4. Pigling: A Cinderella Story
  5. Psyche & Eros: The Lady and the Monster
  6. The Smoking Mountain: The Story of Popocatepetl & Iztaccihuatl
  7. Theseus: Battling the Minotaur
  8. Twisted Journeys: Alien Incident on Planet J
  9. Twisted Journeys: Vampire Hunt
  10. William Tell: One Against an Empire

Other Books:
  1. Dark Tower: Treachery #1 (of 6)
  2. Igor Movie Adaptation #4
  3. I Kill Giants #2
  4. Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #18
  5. The Lone Ranger #13
  6. Marvel Adventures Hulk #15
  7. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #43
  8. The Stand: Captain Trips #1 (of 5)
  9. Super Friends #7


Anonymous said...

I am impressed by the quality of the writing and artwork. More to come.

Anonymous said...

I haven't even finished /The Lost Road/ chunk of the Dark Tower. I have 1-5, but I wasn't expecting the next set to come so early. It must be the mechanizations of Maerlyn's Grapefruit.

admin said...


I've read the first volume of stories, but nothing more. I love The Dark Tower and have enjoyed the comic so far. I'm not sure I would include it in the classroom, but I love it.

Thanks for sharing Kevin and Sch....