Saturday, June 28, 2008


Things are growing at The Graphic Classroom. Comics as graphic novels are becoming more and more popular in classrooms, and the demand for help finding quality comic literature is expanding.

We are looking for a writer to help us review comics. We are especially looking for teachers or librarians in middle school and high school to write reviews appropriate for those age groups. We do not pay, but those "hired" will get to keep the books reviewed for inclusion in their classroom. That's a nice perk! To be a published writer for the field of education is a great thing on a resumé.

Specifics are negotiable, but we would like reviewers who can write a minimum of one review per month, but we would like more. Obviously, we are looking for writers who are open to comics as an important medium in the classroom, even if they have not used them yet.

Interested candidates should email Chris at Please include:

  • Basic info on you and your teaching experience
  • A review of a comic/graphic novel of your choice (appropriate for middle or high school)
  • How often you can write a review
  • Contact information
(You do not have to use my review format. You may use one of your own choosing. However, we do feel that the information included in our format is very important.)


Anonymous said...

I am interested.
Let me get some information together for you.

admin said...

Awesome. I look forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm also interested in being a reviewer. Like Kevin, I need to get something together and I will email it off to you as soon as I do.


Bev said...

I am interested also! Ditto on getting some information together for you.