Thursday, January 10, 2008


I was holding hands with my daughter today when I picked her up from school. It was raining slightly and very cold. I had to park quite a way down the street. As we were walking and talking about her day a voice rang out:

“Mr. Wilson! Mr. Wilson!”

The fifth grade boys were piling into a van, the doors still open. One brother pointed to the other one. “He has a comic.”

So he did. I know these boys because I frequently substitute in their class. It is an eMINTS classroom and I am one of the only substitutes in the entire city who is working on his eMINTS certification.

I stopped and the young scholar pulled out a copy of THE 9-11 REPORT: A GRAPHIC ADAPTATION! Holy civil engagement, Batman! To my amazement, this 10-year-old boy had gone to the county library and checked out THE 9-11 REPORT.

He proudly told me that he had already read some of it and it was great. The kids in this school know that Mr. Wilson is into comics. They know it because when I teach, I tend to take one with me. Just testing the waters is all.

This boy was so proud to tell me that he was reading a comic. It meant something to him. Quite frankly, I would have suspected the reading level to be a bit high for him. I was wrong.

Today, I am proud to be a teacher who promotes the use of comics in the classroom. It can make a difference.

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