Friday, December 28, 2007


(The cover art of THE HOBBIT graphic novel.)

(Interior art of THE HOBBIT graphic novel.)

Think ahead just a bit – 2010 to be exact. That year will be the perfect year to re-introduce your students to J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic Middle Earth opus. This time, you should be able to gear it for younger kids.

THE HOBBIT is coming to the silver screen and you are in luck because there is both a traditional book and a comic book adaptation. Just think of the literature connections, compare/contrast opportunities, religion-related themes, epic hero story exploration, and great story telling that will be at your finger tips that year!

Considering the price, I suggest you start building your collect of the comic adaptation now, so that you will have multiple copies for your students. The same goes for collecting copies of the original book as well. I already have a copy of THE HOBBIT graphic novel and it is a great rendition of Tolkien’s story.

Just so you know, Rankin/Bass (the guys who did all the claymation Rudolph et al. Christmas movies) also made an animated version of THE HOBBIT. I watched it as a kid. That cartoon was my first introduction to Tolkien and I fell in love with his universe.

Before the movie comes out I will review the comic adaptation. You can keep up with the goings-on at THE HOBBIT BLOG, the official movie site. Thanks to Scoop for breaking the news.

You can buy the comic adapation at:
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