Saturday, November 3, 2007


Recently, Rachel Hochberg wrote The Graphic Classroom for some advice. With her permission I reprinted her name and original email as some of you may also be of help. Here goes:

I'm a student in the Children's Lit MA program at Simmons College (in Mass), and I'm doing some research for an independent project on the relationship of graphic novels and other graphic works to theater/live performance. My idea was that since plays and graphic novels are both mostly dialogue or narration by a specific voice, that there should besome relationship between the two.

Apparently it's kind of a stretch; I haven't been able to find any actual graphic works that are about theater, though I have found some about other kinds of live performance, nor have I found any graphic adaptations of theater (as opposed to the multitudes of graphic adaptations of movies). I've been reading (and enjoying!) your blog for a while now, and as I get further into my research I plan to sift through your recommendations there to see if anything fits what I'm looking for, but I wondered if you know off the top of your head of any graphic works that relate to theater or to other kinds of performance.

I'm sure you're swamped with stuff to do, but anything that comes to your mind would be helpful.

Hey Rachel, thank you for the email and the nice comments. There are plenty of graphic adaptations of Shakespeare's works. (I directed her to many of those, which can be obtained from easily enough.) I just did a Google keyword search for "Romeo and Juliet comics and found several. I'm sure there are other adaptations by other writers. I am not familiar enough with plays to be able to search for them.

If you can help Rachel, then leave comments or email me ( and I will forward them to her.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions. You can always leave comments or email me privately.

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