Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Can you believe it? Another adaptation of BEOWULF came into the classroom this week. This one published by Lerner, is aimed at a younger crowd. Because of the movie tie-in it will be reviewed next week, which should conclude my series on Beowulf. I do not know of any other comic adaptations. The TREASURE ISLAND series concluded this month with issue number 6. I have not read any of the issues yet, but I hope they are good and appropriate for the classroom.

An interesting comic (THE CLOCKWORK GIRL) by Arcana Kids publishers also came out this week, selling for only 25 cents. The entire issue is available for free download here. This is listed as an all ages book and proves to be interesting. I received two titles from First Second Books. This publisher has put out some really cool titles so far, two of which can be read here and here.

Here are the titles that came in this week:
  1. Beowulf (Storrie)
  2. The Clockwork Girl #1
  3. Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius
  4. Laika
  5. Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #18
  6. Robot Dreams
  7. Treasure Island #6 (of 6)
  8. Legion of Super-Heroes in 31st Century #8

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