Friday, August 3, 2007


I had a good one come in this week by one of my favorite writers, George R.R. Martin. Martin is a fantasy writer and is New York Times bestselling author. He has penned the still-unfinished SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series (one of my favorite series of all time). He has also written a famous prequel to those books called THE HEDGE KNIGHT. I have never read this piece of fiction, but have always wanted to. Amazingly, THE HEDGE KNIGHT has also been turned into a graphic novel, which came into the classroom this week. I have so many books ahead of it, and it is killing me not to jump right in.

Anyway, off to the list of comics in the classroom this week:
  1. The Hedge Knight
  2. Teen Titans Go! (#45)
  3. The Batman Strikes (#35)

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