Thursday, July 12, 2007


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Learn Well Graphics has released two more issues in The Ciphers Series. These are short graphic booklets that use colorful drawings and adventure/mystery stories to promote financial literacy concepts in a user-friendly format that kids ages 11-17 will easily understand. They also help improve the student's reading skills at the same time. Interestingly, these products are not being created in order to sell to schools.

Financial organizations across the country are sponsoring financial literacy programs in many middle schools and high schools. These organizations recognize the urgent need for young students to learn basic concepts about math and finance. "The Ciphers Series offers these companies a very cost effective and efficient way of reaching the students they really want to help by supplying them with products that kids will enjoy reading and understand." says Richard Keaton, Project Director for Learn Well Graphics. "We can private label the booklets for the sponsors to use in their own Financial Literacy Programs. These are self-contained lessons that need no special expertise to administer. But the major point is that they increase the chances of getting the kids to actively participate in these programs."

"If 'poor reading skills' is the number one problem in schools, then 'poor math and finance skills' is a close number two." adds Keaton. "But in many ways they're connected. If a kid doesn't read well, then it's a lot tougher to really understand math and basic finance." The Ciphers Series is designed to help students learn important math and finance principles while practicing reading and developing vocabulary at the same time.

"Our goal is to get kids reading and show them how math and finance concepts will benefit them in real life. Why not use a format that they are already receptive to? " explains Keaton.

Comic books have been popular with young readers for over 100 years. The Ciphers Series employs the techniques that are used in comic books to show students what fractions are; how to use percents; what banks do; what is a savings account; and much more.

The two latest released Ciphers stories show students how to create a budget for a fund raising event; and why knowing how to handle a checking account is important." We're teaching important financial concepts, but we like to add a little 'edge' and humor to our stories so that the kids won't think they're 'totally lame and boring'."says Keaton.

Learn Well Graphics produces user-friendly multimedia learning programs designed to help middle school students read better and learn faster. To read more about The Ciphers Series, and other graphics-based, multi-sensory learning programs, please visit their website:

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