Friday, June 15, 2007


This is the variant cover. If you
want your money to help out
the children of Uganda (through
Invisible Children) then this is
the cover you want.

The atrocities occurring to the children in Uganda are about to get comic treatment from Moonstone Books. Comic creator, Mike Bullock (Lions, Tigers and Bears) has written a three-part story arc in the Phantom series about the real life barbarity occurring to the children in Northern Uganda.

Proceeds from purchasing the variant cover B, by Darryl Banks & Terry Austin, will benefit the charitable organization, Invisible Children. Read a preview of the comic here.

From Invisible Children
Ripped from today's headlines, The Phantom takes on an African Warlord who believes he is a prophet of the Almighty God himself. At stake, are the lives of thousands of children stolen from their homes and indoctrinated into the Warlords Resistance Army through mental, physical and spiritual torture. The Warlord HIM has conscripted these 'Invisible Children' to fight his Holy War and assert his self-proclaimed 'Divine Will' on the peoples and Governments of Africa in his first step towards world domination.

Mike Bullock sent me the notice this morning. He didn't email me to drum up business or increase his own sales. He believes in this project enough that he was one of the first to give, donating his paycheck to Invisible Children. I have already contacted Stu, my comic book guy, so he can order me a copy of the three-part story. I was careful to specify that I wanted the variant cover so my money goes to charity.

A review of the book, and its appropriateness for the classroom, will be posted here as soon as I read all three books.

There is also a documentary out about this issue. IMDb carries the information. Currently, Netflix does not carry the movie, but I sent a title request. If you have Netflix you should do the same.

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